How to address online meeting in your syllabus

Please use the class participation/attendance policies that are in your syllabus to guide expectations for behavior in your Zoom classes, the same way as you would in face-to-face instruction. These policies can be modified to clarify that Zoom-based class meetings are treated the same way as face-to-face instruction. 

If you do have a participant in your meeting causing a disruption. 

Zoom meeting hosts can remove a participant from a Zoom meeting at any point if they are being disruptive, just as they could ask someone to leave their face-to-face instruction on campus. If a student exhibits inappropriate behavior, you should be in touch with the Dean of Students Office to file a conduct report. The form for reporting, as well as additional information about the process is available on the Dean of Students website.

Additionally, the Ombudsperson’s website offers guidance on handling class disruptions in classrooms.

Please note that harassment or discrimination of any sort must be reported to the Office of Institutional Equity

This document provides some guidance for faculty at Michigan State University in terms of issues they may encounter with disruptive participants on Zoom calls. Suggestions for the technical aspects of setting up Zoom are available at