How Do We Best Support Students in a Remote Learning Environment

This is a great resource compiled by MSU and University of Michigan colleagues to help students with the transition to remote learning.

Dear students,

We have been learning more about some of your fears, frustrations, anxiety, loneliness, uncertainty, and challenges that you are facing with the evolving situation of COVID-19, and how that is affecting your lives as well as your relationship with your college or university. We have read some of your stories and posts, and those have helped us start to understand the hardships and uncertainty some of you are facing during this unprecedented time. With the continually evolving updates, changes, and restrictions being communicated daily, your institution’s choice to move to remote learning might seem trivial given everything else happening around you. We hope that this guide can provide you with useful information, resources, and tools to make remote learning approachable and valuable to your education.

Read more and access the resources at their article on on the iTeachMSU site.

Source: How Do We Best Support Students in a Remote Learning Environment  Created by Gabrielle King (MSU College of Education), Brooke Knapp (MSU IT), Phil Deaton and Darrell Williams (MSU Alums and now at Umich)