Technical Assistance

College of Arts & Letters faculty or staff members can file a help ticket to report a technical issue or request technical assistance. Currently, our technical assistance virtual hours are: 7:00AM-7:00PM. We will try to contact persons filing help tickets within 2 hours when possible. 


Learning Design

If you are thinking about implementing technology into your teaching or are looking to convert a class to a hybridized or online environment come and talk with our talented learning designers. We are here to help ensure your learning objectives are enhanced  in the process. 


Do you have any questions about accessibility? From material to course design, we are here to help you make sure everyone has equal access to learning. If you would like to request a consultation with one of our accessibility experts please please sign up below.

Digital Presence Initiative

Current faculty/staff members and graduate students are eligible to request a website through our partnership with Reclaim Hosting. Please visit our Digital Presence Initiative page to get started.

Digital Media Creation

Our team is available to help you plan and create digital media that supports teaching, learning and research. If you would like to  in request a consultation to get started with video or audio, please fill out the appropriate form.